You may be happy by having all the things that you want, but you can’t be truly happy if you had no one to share your love, life and joy with Nafisah Andini

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Three things you can’t buy in the world : happiness, love and pretty heart Nafisa Andini

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Beautify yourself from the inside, because God doesn’t give His mercy by the look of your body Nafisah Andin

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I learnt about something’s important today, that having best friends is the greatest gift after all, well certainly after having a great family. Best friends, those who will always stand by you in any occasion, those who stand for you and those who lift you up, those are people who care about you the most. Just promise, when you already had best friends, dont ever let them go or slip away from your hand because once they did, they will never come back. Best friends above anykind of relationship, are the most valuable, priceless and timeless ‘thing’ that you ever had. You may not recognise it now, but it will count on you oneday and you can lean on them as well. Never let them go, once again i said never let them slip away. Hold tight your best friends, hug them when there’s still a chance, have fun and spending time together like the world’s in your hand. I wanna say simply thank to God, to give me such a really nice best friends who care to me and always there for me when i get hurt or stand for me no matter what. I wanna thank for that. Nafisah Andini

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There’s always a good things being someone’s best friend but, there’s also a bad things being loved by your best friend and or in love with your best friend. You couldn’t resist and deny it, yet it still happen and grows day by day as your friendship grows tighter each day Someone who treated well by her best friend

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I swam with 300 dolphins in Kaikoura. One of the best/coldest/incredible things I’ve done.