I learnt about something’s important today, that having best friends is the greatest gift after all, well certainly after having a great family. Best friends, those who will always stand by you in any occasion, those who stand for you and those who lift you up, those are people who care about you the most. Just promise, when you already had best friends, dont ever let them go or slip away from your hand because once they did, they will never back. Best friends above anykind of relationship, are the most valuable, priceless and timeless ‘thing’ that you ever had. You may not recognise it now, but it will count on you oneday and you can lean on them as well. Never let them go, once again i said never let them slip away. Hold tight your best friends, hug them when there’s still a chance, have fun and spending time together like the world’s in your hand. I wanna say simply thank to God, to give me such a really nice best friends who care to me and always there to me when i get hurt or stand for me no matter what. I wanna thank for that. Nafisah Andini

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There’s always a good things being someone’s best friend but, there’s also a bad things being loved by your best friend and or in love with your best friend. You couldnt resist and deny it, yet it still happen and grows day by day as your friendship grows tighter each day Someone who treated well by her best friend

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I swam with 300 dolphins in Kaikoura. One of the best/coldest/incredible things I’ve done.

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Everything’s changed, nothing will stay the same. Including those people who you love the most, your super best friends, your boyfriend, your sisters and brothers or anyone who you know well. All of them will changed oneday. Whether they changed base of your attitude, your behaviour or even you dont know why they changed, yet they still did. Most of them just did not realize if they changed. It happens like in a blink of an eye. No one see it, no one hear it but one thing for sure everyone feel it. What will you do when the closest person you ever know has changed? Will you stay next to them and tell them that they have changed or will you just go away and find the new one? Both of those option are able to take when you think what you choose are the best. If i’m in that situation, well i’ll wait ‘til they realize it, that i always there for them no matter what.Yet, they have changed and probably they dont need me anymore. But it will be another story, if they still act like there’s nothing happen and keep pretending that we’re fine which in fact, there’s a huge distance and a lot of matters happens between us, they’re being a headstrong and find those new people who replace me, well instantly i’m gonna leave them as soon as i can and just thinkin’ like they’re only a part of my past and bad experience in friendship. Hell yes i’ll do that, sound’s cruel? I dont think so. Logically when you face this matter, when you’re super best friends abandon you and they already found a new one, just abandon them in return. Just like when you’re boyfriend cheating on you, dont wait him for sorry just cheat on him back so he will know what exactly we feel. So for me, i still believe on a pure basic friendship which there’s a lot of trust, joy, honest, sadness and happiness on it but, remember nothing last forever and nobody was perfect, so does the friendship. If love story can ended badly, so does friendship. Just trust no one except your family and your Great God. It’s alright to being honest to everyone, just to make sure that they wont call you a liar, and dont get to close to every people, just choose a few of them who you think, they wont leave you behind or abandon you. Never cried for them, just pray wish everything’s gonna be okay though you know that it does not. Through that hard time, you’ll find who truly care to you and love you besides your super best friend, who you think they were. Be tough for anything that may comes ahead. Put your head up high, put aside your matters just say ”i dont give a shit to a pretty little stuff.” Anyway dont forget to keep grateful for what God has give, whether that good or bad perhaps, those things are the best for us. Cheers! Nafisah Andini

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Dont worry though you choose her as someone you want to be with, yet i will always put your name in every pray i made. Perhaps someday when we separate, i’ll forgot all about you but one thing for sure i never forget the way how you made me feel. I know you for almost a year more, when everything around me have changed, yet you did not.You stood there for me whenever i did, support me every single time or whatever they said you still believe in me. So i rather to say thanks a lot for your smile and attention that succeed to make my life more colorful and thank you for introducing me about this beautiful friendship. I’m really appreciate you ever been come to my life and more, i’m grateful to know and meet someone like you that i never met before Nafisah Andini

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